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Easy Conversion Tracking with PropelAuth

Almost every advertising platform has a concept of “conversion tracking.” When someone clicks on your ad, conversion tracking is a way to determine how valuable that click was. Did the user leave after 5 seconds? Did they sign up? Did they buy something?

By providing answers to those questions to your advertiser, they can tune the ads to get the outcomes you want. Usually this is done by copying some javascript onto your site and triggering events on the actions you want to encourage.

At PropelAuth, we strongly believe that your auth tool should take on as much as possible in order to get you back to building your product. PropelAuth does this by providing a fully configurable, hosted authentication service - complete with a UI, straightforward documentation, and easy to use libraries.

Screenshot of setting up conversion tracking

To further our mission of taking on as much of the work surrounding auth as possible, we’re releasing support for signup conversion tracking. If you want your ads to optimize for user signups, just enter the ID supplied by your advertiser, and we handle the rest. From email/password to social signups, we’ll automatically trigger the correct event for your advertiser.

We currently support Google, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. Looking for a different advertiser? Let us know at

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